Leather Biker Jacket


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Home where your heart is!

Traveling all over the world and visit many beautiful places is wonderful  but it is always nice to return home. Home where the people you love and therefore your heart reside. 
so why can we make our home the most beautiful place on earth?! Home for me = Colorful, Cozy, Warm, Elegant. And here are some of the pictures that I found over the net for our inspirations and I hope you will like it!
Website: www.riehldesigns.com
Pictures From  www.bhg.com and www.hgtv.com

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Wearing Short.



Blouse: Old Zara
Short: Old Gap
Boots: Old Barneys New York


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Armani Meets Dior!

Fur Jacket : Armani
T-shirt: Jcrew
Jeans: F21
Boots: Christian Dior
Bag: Miu Miu
Watch: Dior
Lipstick: Clarins #03

Giorgio Armani, one of the prestigious high end brand in the world, I love their design specially for woman is sleek, dapper and elegant. Although Giorgio Armani and Armani le collezioni are design mostly for formal wear and more expensive than the other Armani's line, I personally favor more to Emporia Armani mainly because I feel this lane fit my personality, their design is modern, chic and urban is more youthful inspired Armani line that markets for younger adult. And Emporio Armani is the only Giorgio Armani diffusion line that is mainly designed by Giorgio Armani. And of course they have another stylish line which is  A/X Armani exchange and I forgot to mention that is one my favorite brand too!  Anyhow I match this jacket with my Christian Dior Bow Tie Boots that I bought over a year  ago and yet I only get a change to wear it twice (I post it here before), so I try to wear it more often before the winter's end. And about my F21 jeans, I'm crazy about it, is really comfy, fits me like a gloves. I love how it made is really suitable for curvy figure and the best part is very affordable.

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Free People

Pictures from Free People Face Book Fans
Informations source -Free People wikipedia Free Encyclopedia.

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Free People

Free People is one of my favorite brand, their design is  trendy, hip and bohemian, I guess that is one of many reason why I love this brand, here I would like you to know a little history of this brand. Free People store first open in the early 1970's in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania by its owner Dick Hayne. His store attracted the young people, when his store's popularity grew, he opened a second store and he changed its name from Free People to Urban Outfitters.
In 1984 they decide to create a wholesale line, which they ultimately named "Free People". the brand was sold in department stores and small boutiques across the country.
They have three wholesale showrooms in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Free people is selling in over 1000 specialty stores worldwide.  In 2002, the first Free People Boutique opened in Paramus, New Jersey.
In October of 2004, Free People launched its website. The site has grown to host a multitude of products including items from outside vendors like my favorite brand of shoes, Jeffrey Campbell.
In early 2010 Free People identified 5 different customer types: "Meadow" the bohemian customer, "Candy" the girly customer, "Ginger" the body-con customer, "Lou" the tomboy customer, and " Sandy" the beach customer.
So According to this, what type of customer are you? 


My Christmas And New Year's Eve Party

What I wore:
Picture 1. Silver Dress by BCBG MAX AZRIA
Picture 4. Red Dress by Robert Rodriguez.(Old Collection)
Picture 6. Blue Dress by Rebecca Taylor.

These are some of the pictures from my New Year's Eve and Christmas Party that I like to share it with you guys!
I hope you will enjoy it!

Need a Break!
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