Mini skirt for me!





I'm wearing short skirt & tank top from Urban Outfitter, sunnies Chloe
denim Jacket from Club Monaco , bag Marc Jacobs, shoes Steve Madden, Jewelry F21.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and have a good week everyone!

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Wedding Flowers and Decor

This is just a quick post of  Kristine and Davie's wedding,  this is one of the wedding that I designed, we used Roses, Hydrangea and Orchid for flowers, inside the vases we put potpourri and blue round Jello.   the centerpieces it was easy to design is just the branches we had to color gold, it take a lot of  time to do so. One hundred fifty invited, 18 table arrangement, she choose blue and gold for the theme color.

I hope you will enjoy my post and have a good weekend everyone!

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Feathers For Hair!

I was thinking to wear a belt but it would be common so I decided to let it flow!

I put feathers extension on my hair, it look really cute, they inform me that the feather will stay on my hair good for two week. I can shower, blow dry and style my hair without damage the feathers.

Ok this shoes are really...really comfy!

What I wore: Shoes by Steve Madden, Dress by H&M, Sunnies Gucci, do I have to  tell you again? :o)   Jewelry F21 and H&M, Watch Rolex DateJust. Lipstick Mac- Up The Amp

some one was in the picture by mistake so we have to cut him out! 

Any how I hope everybody have a good day and the rest of the week.
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Orange and denim


I've been sick for 5 days and taking antibiotic but my body doesn't take it really well, I got major headache and give shooting paint at my left arm, finally doctor prescribe me different medicine, now I'm back for another 5 days taking antibiotic. Sucks!!!  anyhow, these pictures we took about one month ago but I never got a chance to post it, I'm wearing orange and flowers design blouse, flare stretchy pants and like most of other pants that I bought from store, I had to cut them short, they made for tall woman and I'm only 5'1, to lazy to bring it for alteration I just cut it myself. I hope you will like this look!  

and our fashionista mommy, Daphne form Fashion Confessions of a Mommy tag me for what inside your bag but I warn you that I am not as organize as her, please do check what inside her bag is really neat and organize I got a lot of idea from her, If you like her blog which is one of my favorite blog, please do follow! 

Ok everyone these are things inside my bag is a lot more are not here but mostly just papers and bills, things that I don't want you to see ( is nothing appealing anyway it look like trash inside my bag)
  but all these are what important for me and always on my bag!

from left to right:
1. Ray-Ban sunnies cover
2. Gucci aviator sunnies, the cover is too heavy so I used my Ray-Ban cover
3. My double perfection Chanel powder which I love it so very much I bring everywhere for touch up
4. Bath and body works body lotion in 2 FL. OZ, ps I love you, is not really my favorite smell.
5. Chapstick 
6. Lipstick Chanel aqualumere #91 positano in nude color I used it for day time.
7. Mac- Up The Amp. Color deep purple, I used it for night time.
8. My favorite parfume OILYLY is discontinue, in California before they only have one store is in South Coast Plaza, I really love their diaper bag and the little girl clothes as well.
9. My IPHONE, can't live without it! I had it for two years already, apparently they have two kinds of IPHONE one that they use it here (USA) made for AT&T is locked, you can only use it for AT&T but mine is made to use in Europe and Asia is unlock so I can use it anywhere, everywhere around the globe and I'm using T-mobile right now.
10. Pen. 
11. Nail cutter
12.Tylenol for unexpected headache.
13. Mortrin
14. Famotidine 10mg. I love spicy food therefor I  get  heartburn a lot so this is my over the counter medicine.  

Here's my Favorite bag, is old and rusty and no one wants it anymore! yet I love it so much, it's been with me for 8 years, I can toss it anywhere I want without worrying to damage it! one time were in  disneyland I leave this bag by mistake and when I came back to the same place the bag was still there, apparently no one even bother to take this bag...LOL 

anyhow I hope you enjoyed my post and have a good day everyone!
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Yellow Dress

What I wore:  Dress INC, Jewelry F21 and H&M, Heels Carlos Santana, Bag and Charm Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior Watch, Carrera Sunglasses 

We took these picture when we just got out from church, Carrying my favorite bag that, a gift from my husband and Louis Vuitton white charm, a birthday gift from my friend.  The shoes I had for two years, it has leopard pattern black and gold color, I got so much compliments for this shoes but like any other cute shoes that I have, sometimes is not easy for my foot, It hurts but to cute not to wear it! anyhow I hope all of you will have wonder full weekend!



Look That I Love!

Free People.com

Photo from Anthropologie.com

Photo from Anthropologie.com



Please enjoy the pictures!


One Fine afternoon!

I'm wearing blazer from Donna Karan, Top Max azria, Short H&M, Shoes Miss Sixty, Christian Dior Watch, Carrera Sunglasses 

Have a nice week-end everyone

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Dolce Hotel At Lake Las Vegas

oops!!! can you spot my husband?  

We stayed at Dolce Hotel and Resort at Lake Las vegas formerly Ritz- Carlton Hotel, is about fifteen minutes drive from the strip, beautiful and quite place is really ideal for family trip, a lot of family activities such as kayaking, boating, bicycling and the spa is amazing! my favorite one is they also provide children care for free. I highly recommend this place for family vacation. 

Entertainment at the Marina

My husband wearing: top from Ben Sherman, pants for Hawaii.

At their lagoon with real white sand, absolutely beautiful!!!

I was wearing top from J Crew,Skirt form F21, Shoes ArdenB, Sunnies Gucci, Christian Dior Watch, Bag Chloe, Jewelry F21 and Boutique Brand.

xx Joice