Golden Goose Boots

Yes, I'm being bad! I promise to myself not to spent any penny for another boots within two weeks but who can resist this beautiful pair of boots? favorite among the celebrities including  Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan ( sorry can't get a picture for evidence). This boots rugged and has a vintage look to it, made to be wild and strong, really thick leather and has a buckle on the side, the detailed on the front it doesn't really look appealing at first until I tried it on and look at myself on the miror, I'm starting to fall in love with this boots of mine and this is not just any boots, for whom who are interesting on this boots, keep in mind this are expensive boots so you better make sure with your purchase, be aware they are little bit small in size I had to order for one size larger and yes! is really satisfying purchase indeed.
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Golden Goose "biker" boots


Perfect Dress For Spring

Here are my choices for spring dresses collection:

oh love this dress it looks so sweet...I think the color are just to beautiful

I think Maxi dress are so "In" this season I have seen a lot of Maxi dress out there and this dress is so gorgeous, the fact that I know it might not look good on me ( I can tell this one will look good for skinny and tall woman I'm nothing like that) but... hey who cares, there's nothing wrong to just admired this dress and for sure I want to try it ( cross my finger!) who knows, yes...who knows it might fit me...

I know I posting a lot of clothes from Bebe but I can't help it, they made a lot of beautiful clothes this season, and this one I'm drooling over,  this dress is just too beautiful...

oh I love her style...and for spring time you can't go wrong with blue!

This one is high end dress, honestly I'm not sure why I like this dress? maybe the color makes me drown to it and yet, the more I look at it I found it to be interesting, after all this is a beautiful dress
Derek Lam, 

Love the shape of this dress 
Emilio Pucci, www.saksfifthave.com

Thank you so much for the picture to bebeanthropologynordstrom and Saks


New Shoes For Me


This is my first time ordering from Gilt Groupe, I was waiting patiently for my shoes and I just hope I was ordering the right size, since in my experiences in ordering through online you can't really determine your true size I made a lot of mistake about the that and one thing about Gilt Groupe they only selling a certain time and fast, the go with scheduled and most of the time your size anymore and I keep putting myself on waiting list ( they always ask for it) but I never get back to me, I guess because they don't have the item anymore.  So I was hoping this one will fit me perfectly because I hate waiting and got a wrong size, to return and get another size it's such a hassle.  And of course to make an order was so easy but first you have to sign up to be come a member, all they need it just your E-mail and password then  you're good to go, they don't just sale clothes and shoes but so much more like jewelry, cosmetic. bags, vacation package and so much more...
and the best part is IS ALL ONSALE and I'm talking about brand new shoes that in season.

This is how the box looks when it just arrive I was like a little kid on christmas morning with anticipation, can wait to see my new shoes and I like the fact that they do the good job on packaging the shoes is really neat it looks like coming directly from  the manufactured.


Is a lot of plastic and paper involve, it felt like forever just to take everything out...


I even got love letter from them hehehehe


picture don't do justice on how cute this shoes are I was so amaze it's sparkling brand new like no one ever touch the shoes before and I love the style too...
I got caught up with this shoes I can't hardly hear  my husband nagging about me buying the shoe all I can hear is," shoes again?...why buy another  shoes? ...what's wrong with all your other shoes? ...why need another shoes?"  

Nothing can make me happy than a pair of new boots!
boots by MISS SIXTY

As of today I tried not to visit Gilt website for at least two weeks, because I know if I'm there I can't hardly contain myself I will urge to buy and buy again. I really need to cut down on my shopping spree by stay away from it for awhile and this is my way, "girls gotta do what is girls gotta do."



Nordstrom Catalog For Spring!

Nordstrom new catalog just arrived today, I was so exciting can wait to check all the new item on the catolog, on my blog perhaps you noticed that I mention about Nordstrom a lot since this store happened to be my favorite store ever! here are some of the item I considered to buy or at least have my eyes on it: 

The Catalog

Oh my ...this shoes is so sexy...
shoes by
Stuart Weiztman

This is "must buy" for this summer
Love it
by Tory burch

Want to go bohemian?
by Tasha

love this sunglasses
by Gucci Ribbon Collection

I usually don't wear a big color full bangles like this but this picture inspired me to try one!
It looks so summer and sexy
it hand painted and Czech Crystal
by Cara